Trivia: Why are Winter Olympics not held in the Southern Hemisphere?

Why are Winter Olympics not held in the Southern Hemisphere?

– Lack of interest among local populations
– Lack of snow
– Inadequate facilities
– Unstable local governments

There have been 22 Winter Olympics with none hosted by a country located in the Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere has a solid lock on the Winter games because of geology and climate. Snow is a requisite for Winter Olympic games, and the milder winters in the Southern Hemisphere don’t produce much snow, except in the Andes and Antarctica. Climate averages are warmer over water, and the Southern Hemisphere is more water than land mass. Source:

Lack of snow

The Olympic Winter Games is a major international sporting event held once every four years, for sports practiced on snow and ice. The first Winter Olympics, the 1924 Winter Olympics, was held in Chamonix, France.

Stadium: Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium
Motto: Passion. Connected. Korean: 하나된 열정. (Hanadoen Yeoljeong)
Host city: Pyeongchang, South Korea
Nations participating: 90 (estimated)
Opening ceremony: 9 February (2 months from now)
Closing ceremony: 25 February

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