What name did the Greeks give to the Jordanian city of Amman in the third century BCE?

What name did the Greeks give to the Jordanian city of Amman in the third century BCE?

  • Bostra
  • Philadelphia
  • Romus
  • Decapolis

Thursday, November 2, 2017

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Clipped from:

· Bostra 10.9%

· Philadelphia 41.9%

When the Egyptian King Ptolemy II Philadelphus conquered the Jordanian city of Amman, he renamed it Philadelphia after himself. Under Greek occupation, the city was part of the Decapolis, Greece’s "Ten Cities." The name Philadelphia remained for the city through the Roman and Byzantine eras. In 106 CE, the city was a part of the Roman province of Arabia and underwent a rebuilding period under the Romans. Ruins from this period remain. Source: Britannica.com

· Romus 20.2%

· Decapolis 27.1%

Amman is the capital and most populous city of Jordan, and the country’s economic, political and cultural centre. Situated in north-central Jordan, Amman is the administrative centre of the Amman Governorate. The city has a population of 4,007,526 and a land area of 1,680 square kilometres (648.7 square miles). Today, Amman is considered to be among the most liberal and westernized Arab cities. It is a major tourist destination in the region, particularly among Arab and European tourists . Amman city, from right to left and from above to below: Abdali Project dominating Amman’s skyline, Temple of Hercules on Amman Citadel, King Abdullah I Mosque and Raghadan Flagpole, Abdoun Bridge, Umayyad Palace, Ottoman Hejaz Railway station and Roman Theatre.

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